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This is not your ordinary cinema

This is not your ordinary cinema.

WNDX is a celebration of cinema made from love. You will see no big brand McMovie at our fest. Independent cinema is not a bulk format experience, served a billion at a time. You likely have not heard of the movies you will see at WNDX before, and you likely may not ever have the opportunity to see them again. This is because they are rare gems in the world of cinema — they are movies made as art.

In Anglo Canada, there is no better place for this cinema than Winnipeg. Winnipeg is the well known home to a soulful independent cinema culture that has no equal in the West. We are perhaps even more a city of artists than of audiences, which is as much a blessing as it is a curiosity, given that this is by accident and not design. For the audience members among us, WNDX provides a unique vantage point of experiencing independent cinema from within, providing the true cinephile a richly crafted menu from which to pick, and one that changes every day.

To be clear, you will not see Hollywood style dramas here. You will see experimental film in the cinema house, and expanded cinema — cinema that has its elements pulled apart — in the gallery and our mobile outdoor micro theatre. Our lineup intersects cinema, music, architecture, feminism and community, and will once again stump local film critics because no cookie cutters have been used here. This is cinema that opens the door to a new experience. It will amaze you, inspire you, open you to new worlds and — yes — sometimes irritate you. It is cinema made with more spices than you might have known existed.

I invite you to immerse yourself within independent cinema for the full five days of the festival. Watch the movies, speak with the many filmmakers in attendance, ask the curators and programmers questions about the programs they have crafted, and immerse yourself within this important gathering of independent film culture right here in Winnipeg.

WNDX Co-Founder & President