Situated Cinema @ University of Winnipeg


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Situated Cinema @ University of Winnipeg

September 28, 2012 @ 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9

A Project by Solomon Nagler, Thomas Evans and Craig Rodmore

An alternative cinema-going experience in which the interior of the movie theatre interacts with the city outside, the second iteration of the Situated Cinema project is a demountable microcinema that will be installed at various sites in Winnipeg. Through the mobility and permeability of the venue and the mingling of silent films and shifting contextual soundscapes, the project embraces the interactions and juxtapositions of the city and asks viewer-participants and five commissioned filmmakers to do the same.

 The cinema will loop 16mm films by Alexandre Larose (Montreal), Alex Mackenzie (Vancouver), Caroline Monnet (Montreal/Winnipeg), Heidi Phillips (Winnipeg), and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof (Toronto). The cinema was designed by Thomas Evans and Craig Rodmore. Solomon Nagler is coordinating curator for the project, which is accompanied by a catalogue with an essay by Jon Davies.

Film info:


Heidi Phillips | Manitoba

1:19, 16mm, 2012

Someone once said that the only interesting story is the human face. In Behold, Phillips superimposes family portraits with handmade emulsion. The connection between the textures and the face are very energetic.

This Town of Toronto Is the Best Place I Ever Ran Into

Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof | Ontario

1:00, 16mm, 2012

This short film takes a rather unconventional approach to the city symphony genre, which often depicts the rhythms of the city from morning to night and relies on the symphonic composition of shots that, like in musical symphony, build through various movements until their final conclusion. This Town of Toronto extends its temporal dimension past the span of one day to 108 years, by including some of the earliest motion picture documentations of Toronto.


Alex MacKenzie | British Columbia

2:00, 16mm, 2012

Through dark lens a port city is rendered both figuratively and in the abstract: the irreconcilability of industry and nature, where sublime tyranny rules in a sea and mountain surround.


Alexandre Larose | Quebec

1:56, 16mm, 2012
The title of the piece is meant to express the kind of viewing perspectives and the isolation one might experience from watching these moving images from within the confines of the situated cinema architecture. The visual material itself seems to suggest a kind of obsessive examination of the cityscape, filtered through the restless mechanical eye of the camera.


Caroline Monnet | Quebec/Manitoba

2:21, 16mm, 2012

The Ottawa/Gatineau region is characterized by the daily struggles that can exist between the two geographically adjacent communities with very distinct cultural, political and linguistic traditions. Gephyrophobia, meaning fear of bridges, is a film about movement, landscape and the tension between two very distinct identities sharing the Outaouais River as their common border.

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